No Dutch Health insurrance

No Dutch Health inssurance? 

If you do not have Dutch health insurance, there are some important things you need to know and arrange in advance.

What should you do in advance?

Submit the sample form (download here) to your health insurance company and inquire whether you can use this combined with the invoice (download example invoice) to claim the costs.
Always inquire if, and how much, your health insurance will reimburse.

You have received approval from your health insurance company.

If your insurance policy covers mental health expenses, you can submit a claim for reimbursement to your insurance company with the monthly invoice you receive accompanied by the filled out form. When you decide to commence treatment, you are agreeing to bear the costs of the treatment yourself. Please be informed that invoices have a payment term of 14 days. Failure to pay invoices on time may result in termination of your treatment. Your payment obligation will nevertheless always stand.


Filling out the additional information form

As proof for your insurance that you are in treatment with us, you can use this form to keep track of the dates of your sessions and have them signed by your therapist/psychologist and coordinating therapist/GZ-psychologist. It is your own responsibility to fill out the form. The information you need from your psychologist can be requested during your treatment session. You should leave the form with your psychologist for signature and you will receive it back signed during the next treatment session.


Need more information?

In this flyer you will find even more information related to this topic. If you have further questions, please contact our Front Office for more information.